Release notes

Next release

  • Editor button - icon display corrected
  • Automatic editor templates - MooTools dependency removed, Bootstrap confirmation dialog
  • Automatic templates for category and featured views



  • File and Folder plugins malfunction solved
  • Module, Position and Phoca Maps plugins malfunction on sites with enabled error reporting solved
  • Youtube plugin temporarily deprecated due the deprecation of Youtube API v2


  • Joomla! 1.x support discontinued
  • Joomla! 2.5 support discontinued
  • Joomla! 3.4 support
  • Upgrade notification icon and functionality removed, rely on standard Joomla functions
  • AcePolls plugin support discontinued
  • DJ Image Slider plugin support discontinued
  • Credits and Donation module removed
  • Administrator interface redesigned
  • Code improvements
  • Only English translation contained in installation package



  • New plugin DJ Image Slider - allows choosing of category from DJ Image Slider component
  • Folder plugin - DJ Image Slider support added
  • Automatic templates - new way of loading automatic template
  • Checked out items - wrong display of checked out items in list
  • Items Check out - works wrong for users IDs over 127


  • Phoca Maps plugin - wrong ordering
  • Automatic templates - wrong templates were loaded in editor, when other automatic templates position were used
  • Getting Joomla! 2.5 ready
  • New plugin AcePolls - allows choosing of poll from AcePolls component
  • Folder plugin - Mp3 Browser support added


  • Youtube plugin - user uploads displayed instead of user favorites
  • Youtube plugin - for long names and descriptions only part was displayed
  • User interface J15! - correct button names in category edit


  • User interface improvements


  • Help added
  • User interface improvements
  • JCE editor wrong behavior solved


  • Automatic templates can be know loaded in editor, or automatically added at the beginning or end of article
  • New plugin File - allows choosing of file
  • New plugin Folder - allows choosing of folder
  • New plugin Phoca Maps - allows choosing of map from Phoca Maps component
  • Displaying automatic template in editor is now influenced by Display Access Level property of item
  • Displaying template inserted as link to article is now influenced by Display Access Level property of item


  • Added support for indirect inserting (Insert as link). Template is replaced when article is displayed.
  • Added support for automatic loading templates for content categories.
  • New plugin Module - allows to choose module
  • Position plugin - custom code option added
  • Position plugin - Modules Anywhere support added
  • Youtube plugin - custom code functionality and help revised
  • Removed wrong character encoding on servers with preset default encoding.
  • German translation added (thanks to M. Cigdem Cebe)


  • Plugins support added
  • New plugin Position - allows to choose template position
  • New plugin Youtube - allows to choose video from server
  • Small code and functionality improvements



  • Solved JavaScript error for Joomla! 1.5 with disabled Mootools Upgrade plugin


  • Solved JavaScript error in Google Chrome browser


  • Added Joomla! 1.6 and 1.7 support
  • Media files moved to media folder
  • Button access level definition changed to Joomla! standard
  • Possibility to define access level for categories and templates
  • Removed malfunctionality while editing in frontend with SEF enabled